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Obstructed View

I’m in a building / house, in the second floor. There were tall, thick trees in back that were pulled up, and placed against the building so as to block / cover the view out the window.

I am on the second floor of same building(?), and looking out a window, I see a young woman  (20′s) in her truck surrounded, and covered with wood chips. I tell two women who are deep in conversation behind me…

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Coming To the Light

WWII(?) in Asian country.

Missionaries, and the Navy are involved with a project no one knew about, but is now coming to the light.

This project had been documented during the involvement with. (Is that how I should word it?)

Group of missionaries, 50 – 100 of them, walking along concrete path, having fun. They were not wearing their badges (don’t know if there were any back then), and the guys…

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